Some of the industries we serve

Financial Services

Financial institutions are encountering an uptick in operational, regulatory, and societal liabilities that warrant the risk mitigation expertise that Kamil & Mohammed Insurance Company can provide. Whether it’s an allegation of fraud or a potential M&A transaction, our work empowers clients to make informed decisions and move forward with confidence.

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Legal Services

Kamil & Mohammed Insurance Company has conducted investigations for allegations of internal fraud, bribery, financial improprieties, money laundering and asset searches on behalf of counsel and clients around the world.

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Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals and Biotech

From protecting intellectual property to constructing secure facilities, Kamil & Mohammed Insurance Company helps organizations in the healthcare, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology sector manage risk by building stronger companies while protecting the privacy and safety of end-users.

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Some of the ways we help

Analyze Business Relationships

The number of business relationships can be vast. Employees, shareholders, suppliers, attorneys, accountants, financiers, competitors, trade groups, regulators - all affect your organization’s ultimate well-being. Learn how they can be the source of risk or reward with the business and financial analysis Kamil & Mohammed Insurance Company’s investigative and due diligence services provide.

Evaluate Opportunities Analyze Risk

Smart decisions about business investment opportunities and new markets start with credible, comprehensive and nuanced information. Kamil & Mohammed Insurance Company’s in-country specialists and industry-specific experts know the right questions to ask and where to look for the answers you need to properly evaluate opportunities and analyze risks.

Investigate Business Financial Misconduct

Whether you suspect internal fraud, a data breach, or have assets that need tracing, our multi-disciplinary team of experts can be your partner to investigate business and financial misconduct with speed and discretion, allowing you to make decisions with confidence.

What we do

Kamil & Mohammed Insurance Company provides companies with a comprehensive suite of due diligence and business intelligence solutions so they can better protect their investments and make critical business decisions with confidence.

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As UAE largest provider of surety bonds, we help companies guarantee their obligations to suppliers, customers and partners.

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Kamil & Mohammed Insurance Company consistently provides firms with the professional investigative consulting expertise necessary to resolve conflict through fact-finding and critical analysis.

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Kamil & Mohammed Insurance Company is the market leading provider of solutions that help clients comply with the myriad of anti-money laundering (AML) and anti-bribery and corruption (AB&C) regulations worldwide.

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In today’s information economy, data can be your organization’s most valuable asset, but with the rise of mobile technology, cloud computing and an exponentially growing volume of digital information, keeping that data secure also becomes one of your greatest challenges.

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Kamil & Mohammed Insurance Company’s data breach services, ranging from notification to call center to identity monitoring, help you protect your brand and reestablish trust with the individuals impacted by a breach by matching the response to the harm caused by your breach.

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We use a holistic approach that addresses all aspects of your security and operational risks for the most robust protection. Our diverse skill-sets and global resources enable our experts to manage projects from inception to completion.

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Data loss can happen to anyone and at any time. With the expertise of 125+ data recovery engineers worldwide, more than 25 years of data recovery experience and the most extensive set of proprietary data recovery software, Kamil & Mohammed Insurance Company Ontrack can solve virtually any data loss problem and have you back up and running in no time.

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Nothing is more critical than effectively managing information to safeguard and improve business continuity, brand reputation and profitability.

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Our Statement

Kamil & Mohammed Insurance Company is the leading global provider of risk solutions. We've been helping clients make confident risk management decisions about people, assets, operations and security for more than 40 years.

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